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Transforming Healthcare Delivery in Tanzania through Digital Innovation

In Tanzania, community health workers (CHWs) and local private drug shops play a pivotal role in providing primary healthcare services. However, the lack of coordination and continuity of care between health facilities, private drug dispensaries, and CHWs often results in errors in diagnosis, slow treatment, and poor quality of care. Afya-Tek, a groundbreaking initiative, addresses these challenges by leveraging digital technology to create a fully digitized healthcare system that connects health facilities, private drug dispensaries, and CHWs, creating a continuum of care. Afya-Tek also collaborates closely with the Tanzanian government to provide essential management and technical skills to facilitate the expansion of the system at the national level.
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Key features of the Afya-Tek system include

Biometric Identification

Patients are identified through biometric data (fingerprint), enabling personalized care based on their unique needs and previous interactions.

Referral Coordination

Seamless coordination between different points of care, facilitating referrals and ensuring continuity in treatment.

Continuity of Care

The system ensures continuity by connecting patients with CHWs after facility visits, addressing any issues, and ensuring optimal care.

Data-Driven Performance Management

Data collected throughout the patient journey enables measurement and monitoring of the health system’s response, leading to evidence-based policy and program decisions.

Personalized Care

Patients receive tailored care based on their specific needs and medical history, enhancing the overall quality of healthcare services.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Collected data provides valuable insights into the healthcare system’s performance, enabling evidence-based decision-making for policy and program
Afya-Tek’s innovative use of technology is addressing the challenges faced by Tanzania’s healthcare system. By creating a digitally enabled continuum of care, Afya-Tek is improving healthcare access, enhancing patient outcomes, and facilitating data-driven decision-making. Collaboration with the Tanzanian government has paved the way for possible nationwide implementation, indicating the scalability and sustainability of the digital healthcare system.