Former Education Ministers Meet at Harvard to Help Develop Curriculum

A group of former education ministers from Africa and Latin America, as well as experts from the World Bank and UNICEF met at Harvard in late August for a consultation with faculty on how to adapt the Ministerial Program’s curriculum to the needs of education ministers. “Our challenge” said Program Executive Director, Michael Sinclair, “is to build on the success of the existing Program while addressing the specific challenges of an education minister, as well as key education policy and financing issues. Ministers appreciate the practical focus of the curriculum we have developed over the past five years and our plan is to maintain that approach.”

The one-day consultation with former education ministers highlighted the challenge ministers have effecting enduring change in education within an average three-four year tenure.
Sinclair added, “The goal of the Ministerial Leadership Program is to enable ministers to map a transformative legacy while at Harvard and to provide them with tools to achieve enduring education system benefits. Because results from systems reform in education usually take years to manifest, it is our task to help ministers understand the importance of the longer-term horizon, even while managing the day-to-crises which go with the job.”

The first cohort of education ministers will come to Harvard in June 2017.

A summary of the meeting can be found here and an overview of education in Africa that was used as a discussion point in the meeting can be read here.